clip_image0021When you were a child, did you have a pet?  My Hare Line author, Patsy M. Henry, was from a hard working farm family, and there was no time or money for pets. The thought of having one never entered her mind.  At the age of fifty-seven, her husband surprised her with a rabbit for Easter.  Follow along as the author takes you on an emotional ride as she learns how to take care of Bunny Rabbit.  She adds Jack and Flopsey to the family and the action picks up.  Emotions run high as two dogs attack the rabbits.  Our author develops a love and strong bond unlike any she had known before.  My Hare Line tells the story of their sometimes-bumpy ride.


My Hare Line Meets the Brown Rabbit came to life when a wild rabbit named Brownie moved to a new home under a holly bush in the front yard of a big house.  Emotions heighten as she discovers a prison camp in the back yard.  Rather than leave, Brownie bravely decides to observe Mr. and Mrs. Warden as they run the prison camp even though her granddad taught her to hide when humans are around.  My Hare Line Meets The Brown Rabbit tells the delightful story of Brownie’s investigation of the prison camp and the Wardens.

Have you ever 97816166339501been afraid of something and not be able to explain your fear? That’s exactly what Rascal experiences in My Hare Line and the Dead Pine Tree. He realizes that the tree in his pen is dead. He tries to communicate this to Mr. And Mrs. Warden, but they do not understand. Read along as Rascal takes action to avoid being hurt by the dead pine tree.


After the tree fell and knocked the fence down, Brownie asked Rascal if anyone escaped. Rascalthought this was the silliest thing he had ever heard. As usual, Rascal talked to Aunt Paula Rabbit about what Brownie had said to him. That’s when he learned about his adventurous family.